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Following digital books are for your resources only. The following list of books may contain views that do not necessarily agree with As It Reads.

1880 Re-Examined (Revised and updated by the original authors) by Robert J. Wieland and Donald K. Short

A Study of the Godhead – As It Pertains to Seventh-day Adventism by Terry Hill

Christ and the Trinity by Donna Hernberg

Christ and His Righteousness by E.J. Waggoner

Coming of the Comforter by Leroy Froom*

Daniel and the Revelation-1897 by Uriah Smith

Godhead or Trinity by Gary Hullquist

God's Way In the Sanctuary by F. T. Wright

Looking Unto Jesus-Uriah Smith

Movement of Destiny by Leroy Froom*

Questions and Answers No 1, Gathered from the Question Corner, Department of the Signs of the Times, 1911 by Milton C. Wilcox

Return of Elijah by Adrian Ebens

Steps to Christ (1892, 1893) by Ellen White

The Atonement by J. H. Waggoner

The Consecrated Way (Chapters 1-12) by Alonzo T. Jones

The Deity of Christ by Charles Longacre

The Desire of Ages (1898) by Ellen White

The Exodus of Ancient Israel from Ancient Egypt And the Exodus of Modern Israel From Modern Spiritual Babylon by Taylor Bunch

The Glad Tidings by E.J. Waggoner

The Great Controversy (1888) by Ellen White

The Higher Christian Life by William Edwin Boardman (1858)

The Story of Redemption by Ellen White

The Story of the Seer of Patmos by Stephen N. Haskell

The Two Republics by A. T. Jones

The Word and the Spirit ( May 26th, 2018 edition) by Corey McCain

Truth Triumphant by Benjamin George Wilkinson